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SoHo is a neighborhood that is utterly brimming with activity—the streets pulse with an energy that is vibrant yet refined. Arts, culture and fashion rule in SoHo—and thus, the shopping is simply as good as it gets. A few, short steps from a stunning new luxury condos in SoHo at XOCO 325, and the boutiques start to pop up on every block. Some more traditional, some decidedly more experimental, from elegant high-fashion, and rugged denim and flannel shops to everything in-between. There are so many choices in SoHo, clothing shopping can become an overwhelming affair. Wading through the sizable web of options can take time, so we’re here to boil it down into bite-size pieces. Here are two of of our favorite shopping destinations in SoHo:

Babel Fair
Babel Fair is a well-known boutique in SoHo. They specialize in modern, international designs and stock clothing from all over the world. Since 2009, Babel Fair has cultivated a reputation for stocking some of the most intriguing pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. They’re often put on a pedestal above other boutiques because their range of clothing is so expansive. They consistently stock pieces from London and Japan to Ghana and Australia and many stops in-between. At Babel the goal is for every piece in the store to be undeniably unique. That is not to say that their stock is decidedly avant-garde though—their selection is wide and varied. All types of styles and designs from all eras are represented here.
XOCO 325 Condominiums
Ina has been one of the most famous consignment shops in downtown Manhattan for some time now. The store stocks contemporary fashions from a wide array of designers and is known for having the most reasonable prices in the neighborhood. If you’re shopping on a budget—or if you’re simply a fan of saving money—but still have a penchant for chic, designer clothing, Ina is where you should be. It’s one of the best places in all of Manhattan to find that hidden gem. Their stock is large and is chocked-full of high-end pieces from huge names as well as some from more independent producers. Ina has earned its remarkable reputation through its wide selection and its phenomenal prices.  If you’re shopping in SoHo, make it a priority to stop in.