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Since 1926, Michelin has been awarding stars to restaurants around the world that they deem to be exceptional. Over the subsequent 90 years, the Michelin Red Guide and the star system has become the world’s most trusted and highly-regarded measure of true culinary merit.. If a restaurant is awarded a Michelin Star its profile immediately shoots through the roof—it legitimizes the eatery upon reception and the publicity is unparalleled. Three stars is the highest level of Michelin awards, and there are currently only 14 such restaurants in the country. It is fairly remarkable then, that two of the 14 are located in the SoMa region is San Francisco. Residents of the new luxury SoMa condos for sale at The Harrison can enjoy a pair of truly world-renowned restaurants, situated only a few blocks from their home.

The Harrison San Francisco


Corey Lee, the owner and head chef at Benu cut his teeth as the head chef of the equally acclaimed establishment, The French Laundry. When he opened Benu in 2010, the awards and world-wide acclaim came pouring in. In the short time since, Benu was recognized by Michelin, and in 2014 was awarded its third star, putting the rather new restaurant in elite company. Benu serves a form of Asian/American cuisine that is entirely unique to Benu itself. Their 17-course tasting menu is the only option at Benu, and it’s the only option they need to offer. Lee has spent years meticulously cultivating a menu and dining experience that is a truly idiosyncratic culinary enterprise. Dishes are relentlessly innovative, artfully presented and most importantly, exquisitely delicious.


Saison received its third star in 2015, which helped catapult the already famous eatery to new heights entirely. Much like Benu, Saison only offers an 18-course menu, which is set-up as a sort of journey showcasing the remarkable talent of head chef Josh Skenes. Saison is particularly impressive because the menu is dynamic in the sense that it will change according to availability of fresh ingredients. For Skenes, it’s all about quality. It doesn’t matter how talented the chef is if the ingredients are lacking in flavor. Skenes’ approach has always been centered around innovation, and his creations at Saison are extensions of his wild and wonderful ambition. Again, like Benu, the experience at Saison is unlike anywhere else, the fearless creativity and talent of the staff, and the impossibly delectable fare it produces is second-to-none.