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Think about your wild dreams, and after experiencing one of Pedasi Tours unforgettable day trips, you’ll realize the real world isn’t too far off. At least, that’s the case when you’re experiencing all of the amazing cultural and natural offerings of Panama, a country whose seasoned traditions are still alive and well in their people, music, food and unique architecture. And while you might make a visit to the oh-so-popular canal as part of the things you “must see” on your trip, there are endless other types of tours in Panama that make this region simply marvelous to explore.

Feed your animal instincts with a once-in-a-lifetime natural encounter with the Humpback Whales that still rule the seas surrounding Isla Iguana, a beautiful offshore island that also offers some of the areas best coral reefs for snorkeling. Novice and pro-fishermen alike will meet their match on the sport fishing trip where many get the chance to reel in their very own fighting, yellow tuna, a not-so-made-up fishing story that’s sure to live on in infamy. Those with a desire to learn more about Panama’s native species should spend a day at one of their world-renowned animal reserves where they’ll have the rare opportunity to interact with some of their favorite animals. This is exceptionally appealing to turtle lovers who won’t only have the chance to see the region’s four native species, but during select seasons they may also get to witness the miracle of turtle nesting and the instinctual phenomenon that leads baby turtles to the water within minutes of hatching. For those who prefer seeing their surroundings from horseback, there are a number of interactive trail rides that lead participants to parts of the lush jungle that many eyes will never have the privilege of seeing. Surfing lessons and day trips are also popular, however, experienced surfers should plan a day on the beaches of Playa Venao, which is already notorious for its pristine beaches and powerful waves.

Culture fans and intellectual types will appreciate the knowledge bestowed to them during Pedasi’s three-hour city tour, which explores the area’s numerous landmarks of yesterday and today, taking your through winding roads and areas of town that are still reminiscent of a pre-war Spanish colony. Their most popular city tour package also includes reservations at one of the country’s most famous restaurants where foodies will have their chance to nosh on traditional Panamanian fare, not to mention some of the world’s freshest local seafood. Wine lovers will be pleased to find out that there is an optional add-on for a wine-tasting session, where the wines come from some of the area’s best vineyards and wineries. Many tourists choose to bring a bottle home, allowing them a chance to relive the fond memories even months after returning home.

For all this, plus acquiring recommendations of things to do in some of Panama’s most up and coming neighborhoods like Playa Venao and Pedasi, be sure to call Pedasi Tours reserve your unforgettable excursion at (507) 995-2466.