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Manhattan View at MiMA soars above Midtown Manhattan at just the right height to create stunning panoramic views of the city from its condominiums. Located on the top 13 floors of the MiMA building, Manhattan View’s Midtown condominiums offer luxury living that perfectly captures the Manhattan experience. Celebrated designer Jamie Drake incorporated the “sheen and shimmer” of the city into the style of the condominiums, the common areas, and the amenities.

“What is Manhattan but Oz for so many people; it is the Emerald City that glitters in the distance,” Drake told The New York Times. Like the Emerald City, the glass tower housing Manhattan View at MiMA is an icon in a fairytale land—so much so that its “MiMA” moniker has been adopted by the surrounding Midtown Manhattan neighborhood.

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

At Manhattan View at MiMA, over an acre of amenities awaits, including a well-appointed gym, an indoor spa for your canine companions, and an outdoor terrace complete with its own movie theatre under the stars.

Amenities at Manhattan View

You have arrived—and you didn’t need any ruby slippers to get here.