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Chelsea is home to an array of unique and diverse culinary options—and the scene’s full range is on display in Chelsea Market. The massive food hall has been an attraction for the neighborhood for years, as its lineup is comprised of eclectic and renowned options from around New York. A short walk from JDS Development’s new Chelsea condos at Walker Tower over to Chelsea Market can leave one immersed in a culinary landscape filled with great choices. But this is about the best-of-the-best—our top five in Chelsea Market.

Beyond Sushi

I know, I know, vegan sushi sounds gimmicky. Pretty much every non-vegan reading this is inevitably saying to themselves, “what’s the point?” And while with many vegan sushi options their reticence would be warranted, Beyond Sushi creates innovative, fresh and wildly flavorful vegetable-laden rolls that are vibrant, colorful and healthy. It’s a must try.

Corkbuzz Wine Studio

Corkbuzz has a great selection of wine—as one might expect—courtesy of their Master Sommelier, Laura Maniec, but their appeal extends beyond the grape. Corkbuzz also serves up delicious fare to pair with its flavorful vintages. The vibe is relaxed and unpretentious and the food and wine are delicious and well-paired.

Lucy’s Whey

Lucy’s Whey stocks a large selection of insanely delectable, locally made cheeses, jams, preserves, crackers and desserts. Their cheese section is filled with well-known options as well as more avant-garde selections—all of which are well-crafted and remarkably flavorful.


Sarabeth’s is one of the most renowned bakeries in the area. Their collection of baked goods is large and colorful, with each option seeming to be more appealing than the last. Their cookies, cakes, muffins and their famous preserves set them apart from their neighborhood competitors.


Famed, Iron Chef, Masaharu Morimoto’s eponymously titled, and utterly stunning restaurant within Chelsea Market is not only the best Japanese restaurant in the area, but it very well may be the best restaurant in the area, period. The atmosphere is refined, sophisticated and modern, and they food is meticulously well-prepared and artfully presented.