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From stunning oceanfront communities to leading travel and tourism services, there is no name that has contributed more to Panama’s winning real estate and hospitality reputation than Dekel Group. What started as an ambitious land acquisition and development endeavor seven years ago has become the norm for the development and asset management firm who is responsible for breathtaking properties like Andromeda, Blue Venao and the chain of Selina Hostels located in Panama’s most attractive, tourist-friendly areas.

Now acting as the umbrella for 15 individual business, Dekel Group has become the front-runner in all things commercial and residential real estate-related. Their focus for development lies in three distinct categories: “urban historic,” “oceanfront living” and “ocean and urban lifestyles.” Urban historic demonstrates a focus on the acquisition and conversion of historic buildings into modern apartment complexes and offices buildings. Take the Bola de Oro for example, a remarkably well-maintained five-story apartment building on Main Street that boasts stunning views of the nearby bay, or the Heurtematte which sits at the bustling gateway between San Felipe and Santa Ana and acts as home to Dekel’s main headquarters. Casa St. George is a converted mixed-use space in San Felipe that is home to retail, office and apartment accommodations, making it an appealing option for those who desire a sense of diversity near their home or workplace. For those who prefer the finer things in life, Dekel’s oceanfront living properties are some of the most desirable in the country. Andromeda is an entire luxury residential beachfront community located just three minutes from Pedasi’s city center and a 45-minute car trip to Panama City. The flagship beach community of Blue Venao in Blue Playa Venao, can also be attributed to Dekel’s groundbreaking work. This community continues to be a hot spot for beach seekers and avid surfers alike. The Pedasi Village takes a more modest approach to beachfront living offering a community of traditional villa style homes located in scenic Pedasi, and close to a number of amenities.

When it comes to having shaped the tourist landscape, Dekel has done their fair share of that too. Names like Pedasito, a 10-room boutique hotel with one of the area’s finest dining menus, a full-service spa and luxurious swimming pool, as well as Selina Hotels all fall within Dekel’s development and management portfolio. Tourist services are another Dekel specialty with Pedasi Tours topping the list of traveler’s favorite adventure liaisons. Pedasi Tours’ top notch customer service team provides ambitious tourists with ample options for exploring and experiencing the wilder side of Panama from fishing trips, waterfall excursions, snorkeling, aquatic sports and more.

Energetic adventures are sure to drum up an appetite, and thankfully Dekel was instrumental in bringing Pedasi’s first bakery to the area. The Bakery, as it is lovingly referred to, caters to clientele on Pedasi tours, as well as locals. Their menu provides generous options for sandwiches, pizzas, soups and more, giving locals and visitors plenty of reasons to stop in for a bite, or to simply enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee.