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Picture your new home—an ideal combination of luxury, convenience, and comfort that is also in an ideal location. Once it is complete, the new condominium property at 242 Broome Street will connect with the ambitious Market Line marketplace—150,000 square feet of retail space spanning three blocks of the Lower East Side. With all the fresh, new destinations just steps outside your door, there’s plenty to capture your interests without venturing far. Even so, the rest of the Lower East Side beckons too.

Treat yourself to an exciting, spur-of-the-moment tasting menu at the Zagat-rated Contra, which offers something completely different—and equally inventive—every night. Chefs create each nightly selection with local, seasonal ingredients, revealing the evening’s menu at some point during the day on the Contra website.

For an equally fascinating night out, venture over to Beauty & Essex, an eclectic combination of pawn shop, restaurant, and lounge. The restaurant and lounge areas are decked out in dazzling early 1960s glamour, with chandeliers and tufted upholstery. Sample from tasty treats such as tomato tartare or Caesar toast with garlic and crispy chicken skin or opt for larger dishes such as tuna tataki or chicken meatballs. Afterwards, sashay your way up the winding staircase—in Hollywood star style—to visit the lounge upstairs.  

Lower East Side Apartments

Keep the celebrity vibe going with Sunday brunch at Metrograph’s commissary, designed to resemble a classic movie-studio lunchroom from the golden era of Hollywood. Try the Norwegian eggs with smoked salmon, the steak and eggs, or even an Italian breakfast soup with lamb sausage and fava beans.